How Be Friendlier Is Changing Acceptance

Be Friendlier is addressing the social responsibility of today’s society. We are bringing forth the efforts to create more awareness and more acceptance for the special needs community by training hotel and hospitality staff about the necessary awareness and sensitivities of the developmentally disabled traveler. Simply put, we are marrying inclusion with guest satisfaction. 

We believe that all families deserve the right to enjoy vacations even when there may be a few adjustments to make. It is estimated that 15% of children have a developmental disability. And 25% of 13 – 18 year olds are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. These percentage only represent a few of the disabilities out there but directly correlate to the percentage of families that don’t travel or enjoy “everyday opportunities” because of the challenges they face with these diagnoses.

Our efforts are to help make the hospitality more aware and welcoming of those individuals and family members. We feel that we are not only answering a need in the special needs community but are also addressing a human social awareness of kindness and acceptance as well.

“I don’t have a special needs child so this doesn’t apply to me but I would stay at a hotel that’s special needs friendly out of support alone.” ~Stephanie Bourque, via Facebook

Walking the walk…

At Be Friendlier, we are committed to making a difference in the special needs community as well. We are proud to partner with Wake Enterprises, an organization that employs over 240 adults with special needs to provide vocational opportunities and structure to lead a more fulfilling life. Workers from Wake Enterprises are responsible for storing, packaging and shipping Be Friendlier’s welcome packet to new clients, including assembly of our special safety kits. For more information and how you can help support their mission, please visit