Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers

How will a property know that I or my family has special needs?

Great question! When you make your reservation be sure to mention that you are a Be Friendlier guest! Properties will then make a notation and be sure to be prepared for your arrival.

Are any disabilities excluded from this?

At Be Friendlier our main goal is inclusion, not exclusion. While we are focused on those with developmental disabilities, we know that what we offer can help many individuals with any challenges. At the very least, you can feel comfortable knowing that your vacationing at a property that overlooks stigmas and cares. 

Are quiet rooms, casein free/soy free foods and other needs offered?

We have created what we believe to be several offerings that address safety, comfort and acceptance. As our designation program grows and we can greater assess the needs of families as they travel, our partner properties may in the future be able to offer additional services. We will however encourage all properties to go above and beyond our designation requirements and will note any additional offerings on their listing.

Is this only for children with special needs?

Absolutely not! Be Friendlier is designed for all individuals with special needs. We know there are independent travelers out there as well an we want them to feel the same sense of comfort when looking for a place to stay. 

What do I do if I still have questions?

We are here to answer them! Feel free to call us at 850-736-4311 or reach out via email to!

frequently asked questions for properties

What's the process to receive the designation?

During a brief four week implementation period, Be Friendlier properties will have all their staff fully trained via our program and will be compliant with all other initiatives required to maintain the designation and offer a Be Friendlier experience to guests.

How long does the designation last?

The Be Friendlier designation applies to a property for two (2) years from the time they are fully trained and all initiatives have been implemented.

Will all of my staff be trained?

Yes! The most critical part of our program is ensuring that hotel staff at every level learns and understands the sensitivity and awareness of the special needs community. In addition, they are fully trained on the initiatives and how to be responsive to your special needs guests. 

What are the benefits of this designation?

Be Friendlier exists because we believe there is a social responsibility to offer an amazing guest experience to ALL guests, including those with special needs beyond the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We believe each designated property is more likely to see members of the special needs community select their destination over that of others not designated to include leisure travel and group conferences.

What do I do if I have still have questions?

Please fill out our property form for a detailed call with a member of our sales team. We can’t wait to have you join the Be Friendlier family!


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