The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry hard. Safety guidelines will also keep many from traveling for some time. Be Friendlier stands by our mission of inclusion and acceptance. We are working hard to refocus the work we’ve done and continue to make positive change in the world. You can follow us on Facebook for the latest updates. Take care and stay safe!

Look for this mark

Our unique heart and hand symbol brings together the love and friendliness that families will receive when visiting a designated hotel or resort property….more

Our Difference

Be Friendlier is addressing the social responsibility of today’s society. We are bringing forth the efforts to create more awareness and more acceptance for the special needs community….more

What to expect

The hospitality industry already strives to provide the best guest experience. With Be Friendlier’s initiatives, you’ll find more that is specifically geared towards the needs of your child….more

No more worries…

Our goal is for your family to travel more!

Be Friendlier is committed to changing the hospitality industry to welcome families with developmentally disabled individuals so that they may experience the same enjoyment of vacations that other families do.

What parents are saying…

I’m not sure what all would make a difference for us, but just knowing that a place was special needs friendly would be encouraging.

Meagan Wisser Watts / via Facebook

I would definitely pick a place over the next if they were special needs friendly. [On the importance of social stories] Yes, we have to outline specific travel arrangements well beforehand. He has to know all the details, dates, relative time arriving and departing. Viewing the location would be very helpful.

Michelle Hamlin / via Facebook

Just having friendly staff that are gracious and sweet when my Angel wants to hug everybody in the room and not look at her like she has 2 heads would be well worth it!

Shelly Herring / via Facebook

Designated Hotels

The properties listed have completed or are in the process of completing the Be Friendlier training and implementation required to display the special needs friendly designation.

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